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Natural Stone Selection

Mid Valley Rock in Sacramento, CA, can help with all of your natural stone needs. Natural stone has become very popular in landscape designs. They can be incorporated in pools and water features, gardens, patios, entries, driveways, and outdoor kitchens to enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. Do you have a large expanse of yard where you want some variety and would like to break up the look? We can incorporate stone walls in strategic locations into the landscape design. Not only will they separate the area, but they also provide excellent seating.

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If you want to incorporate xeriscaping elements in your landscape design, large stones or concrete pads can add an unusual and visually intriguing dimension to the layout. When set in river rock, the look like they’re floating on a stream of stone. Give us a call today to learn more. We can be reached at 916-363-4239.

Natural Stone Products

We divide our natural stone into the following categories:

How is Rock Sold?

Our natural stone, with very few exceptions, is shipped to us on pallets and is sold by weight. A Weighmaster records the weight of your purchase, less the weight of the pallet.

We do not publish rock pricing, as it can vary over short periods of time. Freight is the biggest variable with the cost of diesel and gasoline but quarries also adjust their prices based on changes in the vein of stone. We buy stone from California, Arizona, Utah, Mexico and across the USA. When you visit us or call on the phone, we will provide price quotes for materials on hand or for special orders.

Availability can be an issue at times for a particular stone or cut. For example, many quarries lose access with heavy rain, sometimes all winter. We also fill multi-ton orders which can deplete stock on hand. If you have a big job and matching stone is important, be sure to talk about the whole job with our salespeople.

Flagstone is available in various sizes that are suitable for different uses. One of the significant cost variables has to do with the surface area of individual pieces. We sell “stand-up” flagstone, which actually stands up on the pallets, and the pieces range in size from 4 to 12 square feet. These large coverage pieces are often available in various thicknesses, and we call these stones “Select.” You frequently see select flagstone in shopping plazas and business parks and it is ideal for patios and walkways. We also sell patio flagstones that lie flat on the pallets and the pieces range in size from 8 inches to 4 square feet. This flagstone can be used in patios, walkways, water features and veneer.

Rock Talk

Special Cuts – 1 1/4" Select

What is 1 1/4" Select, and what do you use it for?

1 1/4" Select is flagstone that has been cut in large pieces to a thickness of close to one and one quarter inch. It should be hard set with mortar over conrete, and can be used in large patios.

Special Cuts – 1 1/2 – 2"

What is the significance of 1 1/2 to 2 inches?

Stone that is cut to a thickness between 1 1/2 and 2 inches does not need to be hard set. So if you want to soft set with sand and decomposed granite, this is the thickness to use. It is available in both small and large pieces, and is good for small patios and walkways.

On walkways and patio areas, can you save money by spacing the flagstones further apart and using more decomposed granite between the stones?

Yes you can, but before making that decision consider what kind of foot traffic you will have on the walkway or patio. If you entertain and ladies with high heeled shoes will be walking on your flagstones, be aware that the heels can slip into the ground between the flagstones, causing an accident or a fall or damage to the lady's shoe!

Mixing and Matching Stone

Do you have to match the stone for your whole job?

No, of course not. You may find that different kinds of stone compliment each other and make your job more unique. We will be happy to make suggestions about what works and what we would not recommend.

Water Features and Stone Selection

Can you use all of our stone with water features?

No, some stone does not react well to chemicals in water, or to constant exposure to water, so be sure to tell us what you plan to use the rock for. We will guide your selection of an appropriate stone for your purpose.

Wet versus Dry Color

You may find that the color of your flagstone patio is absolutely fabulous when it rains and the stones are wet. Can you do something about this?

Absolutely! There are a number of products that seal the stone and give it that wet color. Our sales people will be happy to talk you through the products and the process.

Our Clearance Area

Where are the best deals in the yard?

Our clearance area includes rock that we are choosing not to stock regularly, sometimes because the availability is not consistent or the quarry closes. This area is heavily discounted and is worth checking out.

Square Foot Measurements

What should a homeowner do before coming to our rock yard?

Always measure the areas where you want to use stone with a tape measure. Bring the measurements with you when you visit our yard, and we can give you a quote based on your rock choice.

Landscape Plans

How can you help us to help you?

If you are looking for stone for a major landscape project, and have a landscape plan developed for your property, bring it in! This is helpful for Anna in making suggestions about the use of stone on your property.

House Photo

Why should I bring in a photo of my house?

When you are in the early stages of either the initial landscape design or a redesign of your landscape, bring in a photo of your house. We can make suggestions for stone that will compliment your house and your vision for your property.

Preparing for Sealers

Are there tricks of the trade about sealers?

Never put any sealer on wet stone. This is a recipe for disaster! In preparation for using sealing products you should wash the area to remove dust and then let it dry for 5 to 10 days. Make sure you turn off any sprinkling system that will get water on the area you intend to seal.

Soft versus hard base

What else should you consider in a soft versus a hard base decision?

When choosing the sub base under your stone, consider whether it is permanent and mortared in or loosely set in with a water permeable application. Also consider the ability to clean your stone, as a high pressure hose cannot be used on a sand and/or decomposed granite filler. If you want to grow moss between the stones, you need a soft base.

More about Sealers

What are sealers and are they all the same?

Sealers can enhance and protect the look of your flagstone. Sealers are available with shiny or matte finishes. Be sure to consult with us about your intended use and what kind of stone you are covering as the porousness or density of the stone will impact the way the sealer looks and determine what kind of sealer you should use.

Application of Sealers

How do you apply a sealer?

Sealer can be applied in three ways, brushing, rolling, and spraying. However, do not apply in the heat of the day, it is better to do this in the early morning. Apply north and south, then east and west, as two coats are best. This will result in more even coverage.

Using Gator Dust

Are there special steps in using Gator Dust?

Gator Dust must have a gravel base 2 to 3 inches thick. Anna recommends 1 inch of sand over the gravel. See instructional video for installation of Alliance products at www.alliancegator.com

Special Cuts – Veneer

What is veneer, and what do you use it for?

Veneer is thin cut stone, available in both small and large pieces. It is often referred to in the trade as 1 1/4" minus, which means that it is no thicker than one and one quarter inch. Veneer should be hard set with mortar over concrete.

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